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    Quoted for truth…

  3.  favorite fighting game characters in no particular order #201

    → Guilty Gear - Ramlethal Valentine

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Ramlethal Valentine



    Ramlethal Valentine

  5. mother is one of the few series that made me shed tears…

    mother is one of the few series
    that made me shed tears…

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    Here we go.

    Ramlethal’s Instant Kill

    Fuck with it…

  7. Guilty Gear Xrd - Characters

  8. my favorite boss I never fought… I bet those fingers smell like roses, lol.

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    Spent way too long on these for how mediocre they came out. Whatever, GUILTY GEAR WHUKOW!

    Might do more in the near future,

    Gamagoori - Potemkin (duh)

    Mikisugi - I-No (lol)

    Sanegeyama - Johnny

    Ragyo - Slayer?

    Nonon - Bridget?

    my life is complete, lol.

  10. Art in Video Games Series: Guilty Gear X

    Art in Video Games Series: Guilty Gear X

  11. Anonymous said: Sorry this isn't a question, but I have an EMERGENCY GGXrd NEWS BULLETIN: No Force Breaks, no Slash Backs, no Force Roman Cancels. Confirmed. It's going to be geared towards casuals and beginners, and the fanbase will quickly migrate back to Accent Core once the novelty of having a new game wears off. Our fears confirmed.


    As Izuna would say: “Take it easy! Don’t be such a Chicken-Breast.”

    1. We don’t know yet.

    2. It’s the FIRST Loketest.

    3. We don’t know yet.

    4. ???

    5. ARCSys Profits

    6. Based on Ky’s movelist alone, I’d say he has a few Forcebreaks already since many of them use Dust to initiate, they just aren’t listed as such…but we’ll see since WE DON’T KNOW YET.

    7. Slashbacks are worthless in Online play. Or did you forget? And they don’t exactly encourage the new Clash System either.

    8. “Modern Cancels” (i.e. Roman Cancels that also work on Projectiles as they did in GG2 Overture) are more open and you don’t have to worry about missing the timing, or even have more options to CONTROL the timing (cancelling at the last active frame, making the Cancels less predictable). Sure, the cost is 50%, but we don’t know how much Tension Gain a player might get per match based on the pace yet. FRCs were just a small way to mitigate Tension loss since Slashbacks and Forcebreaks were encouraged at the time. Roman Cancels didn’t exist in the first GG and nobody had a problem with that, so when GGX rolled around, nobody had a problem with a lack of FRCs either. They ADAPTED to the situation. They learned FDCs, they learned stance cancels, they learned JUMP cancels, they used the tools the way they were meant to be used and were cautious without relying on a Meter Crutch. If you’ve ever played with YRCs in GG Isuka you’d know how overblown and ridiculous it can get. Simplifying everything and making it an important tool that you have to decide carefully on what to use it for is actually a good thing.

    And if you’re worried about Time Slowdown on Projectile RCs, I’d say simply that WE DON’T KNOW:

    —-We don’t know the window of timing of the Slowdown or how long it’ll be or if it might extend the full amount of frames of a projectile’s animation.
    —-We don’t know if things like Instant Airdash or other specials are implementable after a Projectile Cancel.
    —-We don’t know how it effects things like Blockstun, Dead Angles, Instant Blocking, or whatever else.
    —-We don’t know if it’ll have a crazy effect on some projectiles or not. (i.e. like Ky’s old floating Charged Stun Edge FRC).

    In summation: WE DON’T KNOW. So STOP WORRYING.

    9. So what if it’s geared towards casuals and beginners? Every new GG game that comes out means players have to learn new characters and changes to returning characters anyway! So if you look at the game THAT way we’re ALL beginners! Ha-HAH! So why don’t you swallow your pride as a umpteen year GG veteran and relax and learn the basics of the game at the same pace as everyone else. Stop looking down on beginners. You were one once yourself! And there’s nothing wrong with playing casually…it’s stress-free and it creates a good mood and you meet new friends to pick up the game with.

    Personally I do not care about this “novelty of a new game” or "game popularity scene" where a new game is only popular for as long as the majority of hip people play it. NONSENSE! You play what you like, and you play what you like with friends whenever you want. Unlike humanity, GAMES NEVER DIE.

    If you’re that worried about getting bored and going back to AC or +R and getting bored of those, get lost and go play a different game. If you’re that disappointed, it’s your loss. I’ll be playing GGXrd when you’re gone, so good riddance to bad rubbish.

    Maybe instead of acting like a spoiled brat expecting an awesome game and only playing it the first week and getting bored with it each and every time a new game comes out, maybe you should keep an open mind and have some patience instead of acting like Chicken Little and screaming “the sky is falling” every time a game shows off even a smidgen of what is planned.

    If you ask me, any player who complains about the game being too “casual” and quits…I’d just assume wish they never show their face in the GG Community again.  Beginners and Regulars don’t need those kind of people anyway.

    Guilty Gear isn’t about being hardcore, even if it’s playerbase is comprised of such people… It’s about Rocking Out and having fun and enjoying the game.

    It’s a game, and one I think too many people take FAR too seriously!

    So what if there’s changes?  Maybe those changes will make the pace of the game even better than it was? You never know.

    Hey man, if you wanna go back to older games, that’s up to you. I’m playing GGXrd with my friends, so it’s your loss.


  12. gear-project:

Yamanaka ala Twitter (Courtesy Kosmos Badgirl once more)

oh shit, I wish I was in japan right now for that location test!


    Yamanaka ala Twitter (Courtesy Kosmos Badgirl once more)

    oh shit, I wish I was in japan right now for that location test!

  13. May - Guilty Gear Series

    May - Guilty Gear Series

  14. Dengeki Interview for GGXrd translated by Suzaku from Dustloop


    Juicy interview below

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